Bar Tricks Galore: Open Bottles With Your Teeth

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So you're at a friend's house and you crack open a new case of beer.  Then it hits you:  Doh, these aren't twist-offs!

If you can't find a bottle opener, what do you do? 

Well, you could use your teeth.

Think we're kidding?  Hecks no! 

Moe Harris of the Professional Bartending School in Arlington, Va., shows some cool tricks, some real wizard tricks and some tricks that could just end up with a trip to the emergency room.  Attempt all of these at your own risk...

Open a Beer Bottle with Another Bottle:

Open Beer Bottles with a Ring:

Open a Beer Bottle with a Piece of Paper:

Open a Beer Bottle with a Lighter:

Open a Beer Bottle with Your Teeth:

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