Obama Tries Some Capitol Hill BBQ

President dines with military members at Kenny's BBQ Smokehouse

obama at kenny's BBQ smokehouse
Getty Images

President Obama celebrated Father's Day a little early Wednesday, grabbing lunch at Kenny's BBQ Smokehouse on Capitol Hill.

Promoting his administration's "Fatherhood Buzz" campaign, the president sat down with two active duty military members, both of whom are fathers, and two barbers from local barbershops.

According to the White House, the goal of the campaign is to "reach out to dads with positive information through barbers and barber shops as a part of the administration’s longstanding Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative.”

While enjoying plates of barbeque, the president explained to the men why using barbershops to reach out to fathers was essential.

"Because the more information we’re getting out there to folks about how they could take responsibility for their kids, make sure that they're in their child’s lives, help support their mother even if they're not living with the mother, makes a huge difference," the president said during the photo opp.

After a few more remarks and photos, it was time for lunch.

"We’re going to eat in peace now," said the president, before dismissing the press and enjoying his ribs, collard greens and cornbread.

Last month, Obama stopped in to Taylor Gourmet on 14th Street to grab a hoagie. Since then, business has been booming at sandwich shop.

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