Kornblut Coordinates Outfits With Panel of Power-Feminists

Kate Michael

The glass ceiling may have been cracked -- but some of the women nearest the top may be sporting coordinated outfits.

Political reporter powerhouse Anne Kornblut, author of "Notes From the Cracked Ceiling: Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and What It Will Take for a Woman to Win," was sitting on an all-women panel during her book launch party last night when she admitted the members had coordinated dress ahead of the fete.

"We (the panelists) totally e-mail each other to talk about what we would be wearing tonight," Kornblut said at the Washington Post- and Impact Film Fund-sponsored event. "I guess image is important."

Panelists Dee Dee Myers (the first female Press Secretary under President Clinton), Nicolle Wallace (McCain-Palin Campaign Advisor ) and Kathleen Parker (syndicated conservative columnist) joined the venerated journalist at the launch celebration.

The D.C. heavyweight, who was on the presidential trail, watched the popularity of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin spike and ebb. She witnessed the press scrutiny of the women's winks, their tears and their wardrobe.

So, just hours before Sarah Palin made her debut as a cable pundit on Fox and as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled in the Pacific Rim last night, the ladies of the panel were sparring about "the year if the woman, that wasn't."

"It could be an abysmal failure that has setback the cause of the woman for decades to come," Kornblut said.

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