Governors’ Ball Seating Chart: Inside the Obamas’ Black-Tie Dinner

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President Obama and the first lady hosted the annual Governors' Ball Sunday night where governors and their spouses gathered for a four-course, black-tie dinner in the State Dining Room.

"This is not too stiff of an affair, because last year, [Penn. Gov.] Ed Rendell led a conga line," Obama joked during his opening remarks. "We still have photographs that we may use."

The president then offered a brief toast. See who was clinking glasses with whom: 

  • Table No. 12: Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota was sitting to the right of first lady Michelle Obama. Also at the table was Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm.
  • The vice president Joe Biden sat at a table in the middle.
  • Table No. 3: Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida dined with Govs. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Mike Beebe of Arkansas. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was also seated at the table.
  • Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was sitting next to Gov. Jim Doyle, of Wisconsin. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was two seats to the right of the California governor.
  • Gov. David Paterson, Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel along with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood were seated at the same table.
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