Pizza With Curb Appeal

DC Slices begins delivering

tlmd_8371104225_c46634c686_z southbeachcars / Phillip Pessar

You always knew when the ice cream man was coming thanks to that familiar jingle blasting from the speaker on his truck. Like the bell ringing for Pavlov’s dogs, that chiming rendition of “London Bridges Falling Down” still makes us drool.

Two guys in Washington think the sweet smell of fresh cooked pizza will have people moving even faster.
Don’t be surprised if the aroma of bubbling hot  tomato sauce, pepperoni and melting cheese wafts through your window at work. A new roving restaurant called DC Slices began rolling through the four quadrants of D.C. Friday, peddling fresh-baked slices and whole pies straight from an oven in the truck. The price: $4 per slice, or $20 for a whole pie.
A long-time street vendor named Tom and his buddy, known to us only as “Swade-o” will be steering their mobile kitchen through the streets of Washington at lunch time and late at night. Their Web site bios are written with "good humor," and you can expect them to serve that up curbside as they make their way around town.
You can keep up with their whereabouts on Twitter, or track the truck through Google.
Your nose should also help you know when the DC Slices truck is in your neck of the woods.
Should they decide to lure you with music, perhaps the works of Puccini and Verdi would be appropriate cues to make a pizza run. Clanging bells and music box chimes should be permanently reserved of MoonPIes or a double dip with sprinkles.
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