New Social Networking Site Strictly for Congress Staffers

And once again we are DE-NIED

We're a bit tired of being shunned and left out by Congress and its busy-bee interns staffers. Just because you work on a Hill doesn’t mean you're above us. (Oh snap!)

Well, it looks like all we common folk are about to be excluded yet again. A new social networking site and directory that's ONLY for Capitol Hill cronies is currently in its beta test stage. The real site will be launched this September and will be named 3121 -- for the extension of the Capitol Hill switchboard.

The networking site hopes to increase the efficiency, communication and transparency of Congress and the people who love it. Staffers can create their own homepages, which will include information including their name and nickname (Elizabeth, but not Liz), their organization and current position, past work experience and education history.

Staffers can also join various groups and add more info, such as religion and interests (Belittling interns! Softball on the Mall! Getting wieners from Playmates!).

While the new site definitely has potential, we've seen three things that are a bit alarming. First off, the creators of the site have been testing out "3121 cocktails" (drinks with ingredients added in a 3-1-2-1 ratio) at The Gibson and have apparently found a winner. Just what we needed: more drinks that we can't have because we refuse to be labeled as posers.

Second, we're about 97.7 percent sure the purpose of this networking site will be quickly changed from "increasing efficiency" to "helping you find and ask out out the 50 Most Beautiful People on the Hill." We always knew their dating pool was on the incestuous side.

And finally, we're a bit concerned that this site won't be strictly limited to those with a college degree. Yes, we're speaking of the wee ones with the Scarlet Letter. Just imagine the types of groups that will be formed -- "All I Do Is Open Mail" or "I Blacked Out at McFadden's, and It Was Awesome!" or worse yet, "My Mom Saw Me on C-SPAN!"

On second thought, maybe we're thankful to be barred from 3121. Facebook and Twitter are all we ordinary yuppies need.

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