Rihanna and Chris Brown's ‘History' of Violence

Prosecutors looking to build a case against Chris Brown based on a history of violence between him and Rihanna may want to look closer at the details of the R&B couple’s previous fights.

A source close to the pair tells the New York Daily News that reports about the couple's tumultuous past are “absolutely inaccurate.”
The revelation runs contrary to a report saying that Rihanna detailed past instances of violence to Los Angeles police on the night of an alleged altercation between the R&B pair. Brown was charged with two felonies relating to the alleged Feb. 8 assault.
The source, who was not named by the paper, offered clarification on those past altercations.
"The first incident was in Europe about three months ago," the source told the paper, citing Rihanna's official statements to cops. "It was a verbal dispute. She slapped him, he responded. He shoved her. There were no witnesses and no injuries.”
And the second incident happened in Rihanna’s home country of Barbados.
"It was a fight over a Range Rover," the source told the News. "She says he broke the window. Nobody was injured and it was not reported."
If this report proves true it could make the prosecution’s case against Brown that much tougher. In the face of reports that Rihanna and Brown have reunited and rumors that the singer would be less inclined to cooperate with authorities, speculation built that the DA was basing its case on the couple's history of violence. 

Brown, 19, is due back in court on April 6 for an arraignment.

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