Ex-Hubby Wants to $hake Down Springsteen: Wife

The scorned hubby who accused his wife of dancing in the dark with Bruce Springsteen was looking to shakedown the rocker for "big bucks," a New Jersey woman charged in new divorce papers.

Ann Kelly, 44, said her husband Arthur made "false" accusations about her relationship with the rocker that were designed to "humiliate" and "harass" her, according to papers filed in Ocean Country Family Court late Tuesday.

The 45-year-old New Jersey businessman made the allegations because "he and his attorney felt there could be 'big money' in this ... because, true or not, the celebrity would want this to 'go away,'" the papers read.

Arthur filed for divorce on March 27 and claimed his wife "has committed adultery with one Bruce Springsteen ... at various times and plaecs too numerous to mention." 

Ann denied the infidelity and countersued her hubby citing extreme cruelty, irreconcilable differences, international infliction of emotional distress and frivolous litigation, the New York Post reported.

The papers filed by Ann never mention Springsteen by name and claim the only "proof" Arthur has of his wife's alleged affair is "the gossip and impressions of some women who attend the same gym."

Kelly and Springsteen met at The Atlantic Club gym in Red Bank, N.J., where the rocker has a history of hitting on women, sources told People magazine.

Ann claims her husband is a philandering, jealous drunk who is abusive. He accuses of her of acting "too friendly" with men on a regular basis.

Springsteen, 59, has been married to his current wife for 17 years and has denied the affair.

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