Nationals Behind the Social Media Curve

The Nationals are the least popular team in baseball.

But don’t blame the team -- blame poor Facebook and Twitter followings.

Sports Business Daily recently did the math, and it turns out that the Nationals Facebook and Twitter pages have the fewest followers of all MLB teams. By a lot.

The number of Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers combined for a measly 96,032 as of April 19 when the count was done. Arizona, the next least popular team, blew the Nats away with 136,565.

“So what?” you’re asking. “Who cares?”

We’ll admit that arguing about who has more Facebook friends can be a bit childish. But in this age of technology, more and more people are using social media to get their information.

Nats fans are behind the count.

It means that when the team is announcing news on their Twitter feed, you’re missing it. When player videos are being uploaded to the team’s Facebook page, you’re not seeing them. And when they’re running contests for free tickets and merchandise, you’re not winning because you don’t know about them.

The rest of the teams in the DMV are doing slightly better, but not by much. The Wizards come in at 26th out of 30 teams, Redskins are 17th of 32 and the Capitals take the D.C. prize, cracking the top 10. at number 9.

To be fair, they only counted the number of likes and follower the official team pages have. They didn’t take into account individual players, which we all know could throw the D.C. area to the top of some of those lists.

Regardless, our competitive nature is taking over and we’re determined to turn those numbers around. Here are the official pages of each team. Take a few seconds and follow them. And when you win the next ticket giveaway, remember us.

Nationals Twitter
Nationals Facebook

Wizards Twitter
Wizards Facebook

Capitals Twitter
Capitals Facebook

Redskins Twitter
Redskins Facebook

Mystics Twitter
Mystics Facebook

DC United Twitter
DC United Facebook

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