Miss Washington, Meet D.C.

"I have a couple of years of school left, but I can absolutely see myself here," said Miss Washington State 2011 Jacquie Brown during her tour of the other Washington.

Brown's here this week with 16 other state titleholders and Miss America Teresa Scanlan on a tour of the District this week.

The Vancouver native -- and gorgeous third runnerup to Miss America -- had no qualms about traveling far from home to see the sights and shine a spotlight on the final months of her pageant experience. In fact, she may have come to D.C. hunting for a new home.

Having legally emancipated herself at the age of 16 after a tumultuous childhood, Brown's spent the last few years goal-setting, soul-searching and looking for a perfect place to settle down. She's currently a student at the University of Washington in Seattle.

"I am so glad I came!" she said. "We saw so many things and met so many amazing people. I just love everything here, but touring the Capitol was probably my favorite part. I can't believe we got to walk on the House floor... incredible!"

While Brown takes great pride in representing her state -- and beamed about her meeting with home state Sen. Patty Murray -- Brown admits this trip to the capital city may have tempted a move from her West Coast Washington to the East Coast one.

"I just have so many doors open to me right now," Brown said. "...And I think I'm in love with Dupont Circle. Who knows... maybe someday I could be at home here."

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