Michelle Brushes Up on Etiquette Fit For a Queen

Michelle and the president will try to charm the Queen today -- but they better not give her Royal Highness a fist bump.

The first lady was briefed on the particulars of royal etiquette by state department and White House officials on board Air Force One yesterday ahead of the big meeting with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace today, the Daily News reported.

Michelle reportedly passed on tips like appropriate small talk and other do's and don'ts to her husband, the paper reported. 

British etiquette says "you may not shake the queen's hand, only touch it briefly" and that if the Queen stops eating then everyone else must stop too, the News reported.

The Queen has met with 11 presidents from Harry Truman forward and many have had their share of royal gaffes.

When George W. Bush addressed the Queen in 2007 he flubbed his lines and indicated that she had been around since 1776. If that wasn't cringe-worthy enough, the former president then winked at her.

Bill Clinton tried to bring interlopers into the palace in the '90s but the group was barred from entry.

When White House staffers began complaining, members of her Highnesses' entourage retorted, "Yes, well, this is the palace, isn't it."

There is no official word yet on whether Michelle plans to wear a dress with sleeves to the palace or follow her recent trend of donning sleeveless frocks.

The Obamas will attend a reception at the palace tonight and then attend a dinner at the prime minister's residence hosted by Gordon Brown.

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