Michaele Salahi Says Oprah Convinced Her to Bump It

"I am so excited with my first single! It's an amazing dance song, and it highlights the party animal in everyone!" said alleged White House party crasher Michaele Salahi in a press release detailing her first single, "Michaele Salahi - BUMP IT."

The single was recorded in L.A. between May 5 and May 8.

Salahi, who claims she was inspired to do something with her voice while backstage at the Kennedy Center with Bebe Winans and Oprah during President Obama's inauguration weekend, said she decided to "put her voice to the ultimate test" based on a comment from the talk show queen.

She'll be releasing the single first this Wednesday for fans who have downloaded her "Love You" app, as well as on iTunes.

“I titled the song “Bump It” because I love dancing and bumping it on the dance floor!" said Salahi. "I got so caught up with the rhythm, that my music just feels like a magical prism -- the song will be the perfect dance song for everyone to enjoy this summer! Everybody Bump It all summer long!”

We'll keep that in mind.

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