Michael Emerson Talks ‘Lost' Finale & Upcoming Final Season

Two months removed from the dramatic season 5 finale of ABC's "Lost," fans are still left clamoring over what will happen to the surviving passengers of Oceanic flight 815.

But fans aren't the only ones left in the dark – even the show's stars are uncertain of what's to come on the island.

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"I know exactly as much as you do at this point," Michael Emerson told AccessHollywood.com at Tuesday night's premiere for Season 2 of HBO's "True Blood" in Hollywood (his wife, Carrie Preston, plays waitress Arlene in the show). "Honestly, and I won't know another thing about it until two days before the cameras roll and they give me a script. And I'm sure it will make my hair stand on ends when I see it."

Emerson, who plays the always-scheming Benjamin Linus on the show, said it was actually a relief not knowing what the writers have planned.

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"For the next couple of months, I'm in the enviable position of not holding any spoilers," he laughed.

As Season 5 wrapped up, fans saw Emerson's character go from being the ultimate manipulator to being utterly manipulated by a phony John Locke – a change which Emerson didn't know was coming.

"It was kind of cool and it crept up on me. Suddenly, I found that I was a sad little follower, powerless and without resources. It was unusual," the actor continued. "But you have to think, with Benjamin, the wheels are turning nonetheless and he is looking for a break. And the breaks will come to he who waits."

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Filming on the new — and final — season will begin in the middle of August and Emerson said although he'll be sorry to see the series wrap up, it was refreshing to know there was an end goal in sight. However, it's a storyline the writers aren't sharing with the cast yet.

"I like knowing there's an end, in the abstract," he said. "Of course, I have no idea what it will be. I know they have it all mapped out, except the path between here and the end has details that have yet to be filled in, I suppose."

And Emerson is hoping his character will be around to see most of those details come around.

"I'll be happy if I make it as far as near to the end," he admitted. "Because there will be casualties of course – it's the last season."

But does he have any predictions on how the writers might choose to wrap up the series?

"I don't know what they'll do. I think everybody has a hope. My guess is that the ending is both a science fiction ending and an ending context. When we look at the ending I hope we'll go, 'Oh my god. It was there in front of me all this time and I didn't realize it,'" Emerson concluded. "I think it's a question of point of view."

The final season of "Lost" debuts January 2010 on ABC.

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