Metro Squeezes More Money Out of Morning Riders

New morning peak-of-the peak surcharge now in effect

Many of you who take Metro to work are now going to have to pay a little more.  Two dimes more actually.

Metro’s morning peak-of-the-peak surcharge took effect Monday morning.  That means commuters traveling on weekdays between 7:30-9 a.m. will have to pay an extra 20 cents.

A peak-of-the-peak surcharge on afternoon trips between 4:30-6 p.m. already took effect on August 3.  So those who travel during typical business hours will be hit with the surcharge twice a day.

The fee is based on the time you enter the fare gate at any Metrorail station.

Metro is also working on upgrading its SmarTrip card system.  Starting this fall, the cost of the card will drop from $5 to $2.50.  Once that change in place, SmarTrip users will have to pay for their entire fare before leaving the station.  SmarTrip users are currently able to keep a negative balance.

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