Marylanders Feeling the Economic Pinch Can Turn to the Web for Help

Gov. O'Malley announces one-stop shop service Web site

ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- Live in Maryland? Tired of just getting by, especially with the holiday season and all its retail glory looming? Good news: The government is making it easier to find help.

Gov. Martin O'Malley announced the launch of a new "one-stop-shop" resource Web site. It could help thousands of Maryland families during the tough economic times.

You will find federal and state resources ranging from information on heating and energy assistance to employment information to job training to services for seniors and people living with disabilities.

“We have seen our share of challenges with a downturn in the national economy and a national mortgage crisis.  This hasn’t been an easy year and far too many Maryland families are struggling to make ends meet,” said O’Malley.  “We know that these winter months, and these uncertain economic times will not be easy for many Maryland families, but it is our hope that this Web site will help Marylanders gain access to programs and services available to them if they qualify.”

If you have ever wondered just how much assistance you and your family's eligible for, this Web site is for you, too. It links to an assistance eligibility calculator. Plug in information, and it will calculate eligibility for food stamps, the Temporary Cash Assistance program, medical assistance, the Maryland Energy Assistance Program and the Electric Universal Service Program.

“Gov. O’Malley and I have committed ourselves to strengthening the middle class, and we know that working families are struggling during these difficult times,” said Lt. Governor Brown.

Further showing its efficiency, the site can also be a resource for students looking to continue their education. Click on the "education" icon and find a number of state resources for financial aid, scholarships and college savings plans. 

Maryland’s veterans can find information on education and training programs, scholarships, employment opportunities and other benefits available to them.  Marylanders looking for ways to cut costs on driving to work can click on the "transportation" icon to find information on ride-sharing information, information and incentives on using mass transit and van pooling to work and information on discounts for students and seniors.

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