Martell Webster on Being Ready: “Whatever It Takes. Have Two Midgets Come in Here and Massage You”

Presented without comment, an exchange between reporters and Wizards forward Martell Webster following the team's 106-93 victory over the Bucks (via Bullets Forever):

REPORTER: Martell, the fact that [Randy Wittman] always talks about having guys be ready. Be ready. Be ready. But for [Trevor Booker] to come out and do what he did tonight, that really speaks to his character, wouldn't you say?

WEBSTER: Yeah, definitely. Book wore his heart on his sleeve tonight, and he came out and performed, which is the most important thing. Whatever it takes you to get ready, you've got to do it. Some people are superstitious. Hey, if it helps you get your mind into the game, do it. Do it. At this point where we are in the season, I don't care if you have to come in here and blast music. Whatever it takes. Have two midgets come in here and massage you. Whatever it takes, man, do it. 'COME ON IN HERE. BRING THEM IN HERE. RUB THEM DOWN.' (Laughs). We're at that point right now where we have to sacrifice to get guys into the game, so I'm going to have two midgets come in here and rub me down.

(Everyone laughs).

REPORTER, holding back laughter: The proper term is "little people."

WEBSTER: No, I call them midgets. I went to school with one, and I said, 'What do you prefer?' She said, 'I don't care. Midget. Call me a midget.' So that's what I'm going to call you.

All right, then.

Anyway, there were plenty of interesting exchanges during Wednesday's game, from Bucks center Larry Sanders' thumbs-up upon being ejected, to John Wall and Randy Wittman's heated exchange on the bench.

"He was screaming at us like a father would to his children," Webster told reporters. "But the message we took was that, 'Hey, listen, we've got to play better. We can't keep doing this to ourselves.' We put our foot down right there, and that's when we decided to get back into the game."

No massages necessary.

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