Latest Lucero Video Shot in D.C., Stars Muppet

041309 Lucero credit Wes Frazer
Wes Frazer

D.C. has the honor of being the stage for the first video from Lucero's "1372 Overton Park" LP.

Unlike most D.C.-based videos, this one isn't about politics or by some D.C. native. But local Lucero fans deserve it. We may not be many, but we are rabid and fiercely loyal.

Alex Mecum's video for "Darken My Door" casts it as the soundtrack for a relationship. It opens with a homeless Muppet (not actually a Muppet) strumming a guitar and singing for change out on a city sidewalk. He reminisces about his relationship with a beautiful brunette -- from their meeting in a bar to their kissy faces on the National Mall to their inevitable breakup. It's the most absurd species-crossing love story since a certain frog fell for a certain pig.

Of course, the couple shares a chili dog at Ben's. The Washington Monument plays a significant part in the backdrop. And from a stunning perch on the bridge above Rock Creek Park, the hero seems poised to fling himself to his death. But of course he can't die and finish the song. Instead, now a lovesick D.C. bum, he pees off it, one of two hilarious bodily fluid jokes in the witty viddy.

The song that accompanies it? Classic Lucero, plus horns. Perfect tear-in-your beer twang. Beautiful and sad. Ben Nichols' tortured vocal chords at their heart-breaking best. If the rest of the record holds close to this, it seems that "1372 Overton Park" will be a rebound from the somewhat disappointing -- less punky, more Bossy -- 2006 LP "Rebels, Rogues and Sworn Brothers." (Still a good record, but not as wrenching as their albums from earlier this decade, like "Tennessee" and "That Much Further West.")

Each song on the album will have an accompanying video made by a Lucero fan. The band promises to post a new video each week.

"1372 Overton Park" comes out Oct. 6. Lucero's Ramblin' Roadshow and Memphis Revue, featuring supporting acts Amy LaVere and Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcolm, comes to Nightclub 9:30 Oct. 15.

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