Kathy Griffin Jokes: I Am the Next White House Crasher

Kathy Griffin greeted fans at her book signing last night and joked about her designs on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

 "When I finish here, I'll probably crash the White House," self-deprecating sassy redhead said.

The stand-up comedian tweeted about the signing of her book "Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin" before she greeted fans at the Borders on K Street NW last night.

"DC! Unlike Palin, I sign every book," she tweeted.

True to her word, Griffin signed every book and posed for every photo op, even tossing in some of her signature humor.

"You're a good looking guy -- but don't take that in a late-night way."

"In L.A. if someone dressed like you we would think you were the Secret Service."

"You girls on a field trip?"

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