Kate Gosselin: Life In The Tabloids Is ‘Hell'

Kate Gosselin has been a reality star for four seasons, as the matriarch on TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus Eight."

But now that scandalous headlines about alleged infidelity by both parents have turned her and her family into tabloid fixtures, Kate is wondering when all the attention will stop.

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"Before this, I'd never stood on line at the grocery store, looked at the people on the cover of magazines, and thought about what they're going through," Kate told People. "I'd never thought, 'Oh my god, this is totally doing them in.' But now, I understand what they live with: Everywhere you go you're being stalked, you're being followed – it's hell, on the cover of a magazine."

And while life in the public eye has never bothered Kate — who is currently touring the country promoting her new book and has reportedly been on the road 21 out of the last 30 days at paid speaking engagements – the public scrutiny recently has put quite a strain on her family.

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"It's so scary. It's like one of those movies where you have to change your identity and go underground," Kate said of the measures taken to protect her kids. "I've been saying, 'Let's find a country where our show doesn't air, and let's just go there until this all dies.' I have to laugh about this, or else I'll cry. It's a matter of, when will they stop?"

And while the tabloids continue to attack Jon and Kate's marriage, she said she can handle it, as long as her children aren't brought into the mix.

"I don't want them dragged into this. It kills me," she added. "I'm far from perfect, but I've started to prioritize what is important, what has to change, what I can live with, and what I have to live with. My children are important. My attitude is important. My marriage is important, and though I don't know where that's going right now, I know I can definitely choose my attitude. And I know that I will never give up, I will not stop, I will not fail my kids. Everything else I can't control, I'm just going to have to learn to live with it."

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On the season premiere of "Jon & Kate Plus Eight," which premieres May 25, Jon addresses the recent controversies surrounding his family and the reported troubles between he and his wife.

"Kate and i have obviously have been going through a lot of stuff and discussing what is best for our kids," Jon said. "I've always said since the beginning, it's a crazy life --- but it's our life."

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