Video Footage Proves Karl Alzner's Dogs Are Incredibly Resourceful

After the Caps lost to the Rangers in triple overtime in Game 3 of their second-round playoff series earlier this month, defenseman Karl Alzner came home to two of his dogs, Duncan and Charlie, enjoying their work. 

And by work, I mean complete and utter destruction.

Those dogs became worldwide celebrities in just a matter of days as Alzner was asked ad nauseam about his troublesome canines. In an interview on NHL Live, Alzner said that he decided to allow the dogs to roam free instead of putting them in a crate as per usual, but even if he would have put them in their crate, it might not have made a difference.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Alzner recently set up a video camera and recorded his dogs in their crate. The hilarity (and, quite frankly, the ingenuity) that ensues is worth your time.

There's not much more Alzner can do; those are some smart dogs. If the Alzner family is ever in need of some extra income, their dogs are natural escape artists. I guess you could call them "Hound-ini."

Adam Vingan is co-founder and editor of Kings Of Leonsis, a Caps-centric blog. Follow him on Twitter @Adam_KOL and e-mail your story ideas to adamvingan (at)

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