John Wall Earns Assist Title, MVP

This weekend, John Wall played a game of “let’s see how many assists I can rack up with a team full of talent and nobody playing defense.”

Wall ran away with MVP honors in the NBA Rookie Challenge, dishing a record-breaking 22 assists. The highlight assist was a have-to-see-to-believe bounce ally-oop to Blake Griffin, proving that assists can be as exciting as dunks as long as cars aren’t involved.

It seemed like just the break from the regular season pressure that Wall needed.

"Wasn't anybody playing defense," he said. "That's good. You don't have to worry about Coach Flip [Saunders] or nobody yelling at me."

Both JaVale McGee and Wall brought game to All Star weekend, getting people talking about the Wizards. Will this be the morale booster that the Wizards need to finish the season respectably? It’s hard to be patient as the Wizards re-build and both players have some maturing to do. But if what we saw this weekend was an indication of anything, it’s that this Wizards team has potential.

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