Jerry Seinfeld Wants to Know Your Marital Problems

LOS ANGELES -- Jerry Seinfeld is looking for couples who want to air marital problems on national television.

Seinfeld, who you may remember from that one sitcom in the '90s, is producing the new primetime reality series "The Marriage Ref."

"(It's a) funny and revealing series about the unpredictable and hilarious institution we call marriage," according to

So if you'd like your marriage judged in primetime by celebrities, comedians and sports stars, the casting call will be held Thursday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Dave and Buster's located at 71 Fortune Drive, Suite 960, in Irvine, Calif.

The show will air on NBC at some future date, the Orange County Register reported:

In case you're wondering whether you qualify, examples given include: fighting over an object, person or habit "that is a third wheel in the relationship," your partner's "annoying, obnoxious habit," or your partner doing things "like withold(ing) sex after a fight?"

For more information, contact e-mail or call the casting hotline at 877-304-4040.

"You'll want to include your contact info, city of residence, photos, a paragraph about why you are the perfect couple for this show and a brief explanation about your arguments, including why you are right and your partner is wrong," the Orange County Register reported.

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