It's National Waffle Day

Not sure how we missed this, but today is National Waffle Day.


August 24 apparently marks the anniversary of the first U.S. patent for a waffle iron. A man named Cornelius Swarthout obtained the patent in 1869, and we can only guess he lived the rest of his life eating each and every breakfast with a golden fork and knife and off of golden plates. Because a waffle iron is pure genius, of course.

But you may be asking yourself, "Self, didn't we just celebrate National Waffle Day like five months ago?"

NO! That was International Waffle Day, which we celebrated on March 25. So keep it straight, OK?

And while we're at it, mark your calendars because September is All-American Breakfast Month. Mmmm... bacon....

So how should you celebrate National Waffle Day? Well, we haven't heard of any local restos offering up deals on plates of delicious cooked batter with built-in syrup holders. But here are a few fun ways to enjoy the day online:

View 5 "fun-shaped" waffle makers (warning: TIME believes the shape of Texas is "fun")

Try out the "Greatest Waffle Recipe Ever"

And one more thing: Please leggo my Eggo.

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