Indulge in Some Cheap Mink(off)

Retail therapy at its best

Women of DC, we have breaking news that may upset, appall and perhaps even shock you. Hillary Clinton is NOT a trendsetter, fashionista or style icon. So please stop "channeling her look" when you get dressed every morning. It's giving our city a bad name.

In fact, we believe it's time to start weaning you off those dreary pantsuits, one ROY G BIV color at a time. Baby steps, ladies!

And to help usher DC out of its current fashion slump, snub your quarter-inch mules, slip into some sexy slingbacks (you go, girl!), and strut on over to the Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale at Hotel Helix (1430 Rhode Island Ave. NW) this Saturday, June 6 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Although the designer has recently dabbled in clothing, Rebecca Minkoff is best known for her trendy, comfortable and functional handbags that come in a myriad of colors. Since all of Minkoff's swag will be heavily discounted at the sample sale, treat yourself! We suggest either her signature Supernova studded tote or the Morning After bag. And if you pick the latter, we promise not to judge you. Well, at least not verbally.

Anyway, our fashion work here is done, DC. Please excuse us while we pat ourselves on the back.

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