Incredible Food Innovations and You

Jodi Hernandez/NBC Bay Area

Did you ever sit down at the kitchen table and, just as you were about to enjoy the first crunchy, delicious bite of your breakfast cereal, wonder who the heck came up with that idea?

Well, Wednesday could be your lucky day.

That's when the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum in Alexandria, Va., is opening its new exhibit on incredible food innovations.

OK, first things first -- yes, there IS a National Inventors Hall of Fame. It relocated to the D.C. area last year from Akron, Ohio, and is located in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, two blocks from the King Street Metro station (600 Dulany Street).

Now that we've got that out of the way...

The new exhibit will highlight 200 years of food inventions, innovations and trademarks. So you'll be able to see some cool stuff, including a 1950s-era fully stocked walk-in kitchen, a vintage 1955 microwave (the first created for home use), some vintage can openers and 19th century patent models for things like a refrigerator, an egg beater and the original Mason jar.

Oh, and did we mention Mr. Peanut?

That's right, the exhibit also features a full-size Mr. Peanut character costume from the 1960s. Sa-weet!

And while you're there, make sure you stop by the museum store and pick up some light bulb-shaped paper clips and a working wood trebuchet kit...

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