Secret Service Doesn't Expect 4 Million for Inauguration

Inauguration planners offer advice for inauguration goers

Estimates of 4 million inauguration visits may be high, according to the Secret Service, but inauguration planners still have warnings for those planning to attend.
According to an analysis of plane, train, bus and hotel reservations, the Secret Service said the crowd probably still will be very substantial but did not offer a specific estimate.
Inauguration planners offered inauguration goers the following advice:
  • Pack as lightly as possible.
  • Strollers, backpacks and chairs will be allowed on the National Mall but may be subject to search.
  • On Inauguration Day, there will be no access to the sidewalk along the parade route until 7 a.m.
  • People can stay on the Mall overnight but can't sleep there.
  • Plan for a lot of standing and walking.
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