Inaugural Bike Valet Station RSVP's May Be Sign of Bike-pocalypse

Inaugural Bike Valet Station RSVP’s May Be Sign of Bike-pocalypse was originally published on City Desk on Jan. 13, 2009, at 3:59 pm

WABA program-assistant Henry Mesias, who has provided City Desk with all sorts of timely scoops regarding the free bike valet service the association will offer on Inauguration Day, says the non-profit is fully prepared for a “bikepocalypse.”  And why might he predict one?  Around this time last week, the organization had received some 650 RSVP’s, whereas, by yesterday, it had received over 1,100 (a jump of 450 cyclists).

Considering RSVP’s aren’t required, and the inauguration is still seven days away, you can bet there will be more than eleven-hundred two-wheelers rolling into stations on Jan. 20. (Back in December, WABA imagined there would be a max of just a thousand.) No sweat. WABA can handle it. “We’re prepared for the worst, I mean…er…the best,” Mesias says.

Not only is the group ready for the worst-er- best, they’re ready to supply the multitudes who stream into one of two (plans for a third were scrapped) stations located north and south of the National Mall respectively, with snazzy commemorative claim tickets and spoke cards. The spoke card design is pictured below.

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