Help for Social Safeway Refugees

Safeway still a pile of rubble; coupons on the way

Between free delivery and huge discounts, getting our Safeway knocked down is turning out to be the best thing to happen to Georgetown grocery shoppers in a long time," reports Georgetown Metropolitan.

Turns out that devotees of the former (and future) Social Safeway on Wisconsin were sent a 10-percent off coupon for other Safeway locations. Or, if you were smart enough to sign up for a Safeway Club Card with the 20007 zip code, the discount will automatically be applied to your next purchase. The writer of the Georgetown blog just saved $30 on $160 of groceries that way.

Now all you'll have to do is figure out how to get all those bags on the Metro, since that neighborhood Safeway is basically a pile of bricks at this point. You can choose from the Soviet Safeway, the Un-Safeway, the Senior Safeway (Elizabeth Dole's old stomping ground), etc. (See the Definitive DC Safeway Guide here.)

And on that matter: Look, we've always known that the "Social Safeway" wasn't a grocery store so much as that "lifestyle store" they're trying to shove down our throats. We just didn't know that Safeway knew it too. Seriously, there is a Does that make this all more or less cool? We're still trying to decide. Although the on-going construction of the new building is annoying the hell out of the neighbors, says Vox Populi.

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