H Street Shuttle Knows How to Quit Us

No more money for YOU, Northeast!


First the panda cub, now the H Street shuttle. What's next, our wills to live?

The service, managed by the H Street Business Cooperative, will stop operating this Sunday unless the group can scrape up the dough to keep it running, reports DCist.

"The mayor's office has said they want it to continue, but the dollars just haven't been identified yet," said Charles Allen, chief of staff to [D.C. Council member Tommy] Wells. "[The H Street Cooperative] just can't be expected to fund this on their own."

The shuttle has been providing free transportation to H Street N.E. from the Chinatown and Minnesota Avenue Metro stations since January.

We actually have a totally-out-of-left-field idea. What if ... oh ... they started charging for the service? Nah, never mind. That's just crazytalk. Better to just cease indefinitely, right?

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