Giving Tai Shan and Friends Something to Remember

Help them and yourself too

See that big blue rubber hopping ball in Tai Shan's paws? Is that the only thing you want him bringing back to China?

Of course not. You want him to remember us, don't you?

That's why you're going to go out and get some of these things from the National Zoo's Giving Tree wish list, like:

  • a bubble machine
  • rubber chew toys
  • mirrors
  • Kong toys
  • Buster cubes
  • shower radios and regular radios (esp. with CD players)
  • art paper
  • Jolly Pets teaser balls (esp. large size, hint, hint)
  • feather dusters
  • artificial plants (plastic, disinfectable)

Believe it or not, these things would make Tai Shan and friends' day. We can just imagine the monkeys swinging on their branches and rocking out while Steve Miller's version of "Jungle Love" plays on their new radio. 

If your budget's a little tight, no worries. You can still help the animals just by buying your holiday gifts from the zoo. Check out their handy dandy Holiday Gift Guide for gifts that range from $5.50 and up. They've even got eco-friendly stuff for all you greenies!

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