Georgetown Cupcake … in Bethesda

That's right, the cupcake craze is coming to the 'burbs

Dying to satisfy your cupcake craving but stuck up in Maryland? We know you don't wanna haul alllll the way down Wisconsin just to stand in a 30-minute line outside Georgetown Cupcake (1209 Potomac St. NW). And soon you won't have to. The original go-to location for DC's designer cupcakes is spreading to ... gasp ... the suburbs.

Maryland suburbanites, take a moment to rejoice. Georgetown Cupcake will open a new location at Bethesda Row (4834 Bethesda Ave.) this fall. Cap off a day of brunching, shopping and carrying around a tiny little dog by purchasing an overpriced yet delicious cupcake.

Interestingly enough, it looks like the new Bethesda shop will keep the name Georgetown Cupcake despite its new location. We assume they're going for name recognition -- hey, Georgetown Cupcake is considered by many the best cupcakery in the area, rivaling even our personal fave, Baked & Wired. Now if they could just put a new Baked & Wired cupcakery down the street from our offices....

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