Flight Loses Wheel Upon Touchdown in Buffalo

Passenger captures incident on video

BUFFALO -- It's starting to seem like a good idea to avoid Continental's Newark-to Buffalo flights following a landing mishap Tuesday night, three months after a crash that killed 50 people.

The Toronto Sun received video recorded by a passenger of Flight 3268 losing one of its right wheels just after touchdown in Buffalo.

Passengers on the Continental Airlines flight, which was carrying 73 passengers and crew, said they saw ashes and debris fall from the wheel as it was lowered, the Sun reported. They said they also saw fire shooting from the same area when the plane took off from Newark.

The plane landed safety but had to be towed, the Sun reported.

On Feb. 12, Continental Connections Flight 3047 crashed and killed 50 people. That flight was run by Virginia-based Colgan Air, which was sub-contracted by Continental Airlines.

Pilot error is being investigated as the possible cause of that crash.

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