Find a Fake Guy’s Wallet in Metro and Win! (A Dollar)


If you find a wallet with just $1 in it, do you keep the dollar? If you do, do you feel even a little bit guilty about it? Well, if you find a wallet belonging to Robert Allen, take the money and run.

Fox is promoting its new prime time soap "Lone Star" by dropping 5,000 of Allen's wallets in 10 cities across the country, The Washington Post reported. D.C. gets three of them, one each at the McPherson Square, Metro Center and Union Station Metro stations.

In addition to the dollar bill, the wallets include ID and business cards for Robert/Bob Allen, the lead character on "Lone Star" -- a man leading two lives with two women.

There's also a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas and another destination. All you have to do is name names -- of your Facebook friends on the "Lone Star" Facebook page -- to be entered.

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