Fairfax County Considers Cutting Mass Transit

Fairfax Co. considers ways to curtail budget shortfall

FAIRFAX, Va. -- Bus services in Fairfax County could soon be cut back as the county looks for ways to close their projected $500 million budget shortfall.

Transportation officials for the county proposed slashing more than 86,000 hours from the Fairfax Connector services which buses commuters to and from Metro. The cut would save $7.7 million for the 2010 fiscal year, officials said.
County officials warned the cuts would have a negative impact on commuters in the area. The cuts would make it more difficult for people who use the Fairfax Connector to get to work, appointments and run errands, they said.
The cut proposal came after agencies in Fairfax County were asked how they could cut 15 percent of their costs.
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