Hair Heir Elan Sassoon: I Want to Continue Dad Vidal's Legacy

The son of Vidal Sassoon, heir to his famous father's hairdressing empire, told Niteside he wants to continue the legacy begun by his business-minded dad.

"I want to finish what he started," Elan Sassoon, American University grad, told Niteside. "I have decided to continue where my father left off. I have made it my mission to deliver the best cutting education in the world and bring it to the cities that we have launched [product line] Sojourn in."

The elder Sassoon, 82, is currently touring Scotland on a book tour. Elan is launching his product line, Sojourn, in March in the D.C. area.  After a stint in the film business, Sassoon began following in his father’s footsteps.

Elan has big shoes to fill: "He used to tell me how difficult his childhood was growing up in the orphanage in London and during World War II," he said.

"My father is incredibly honest and always has been. ... He has helped many people in his life."

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