Don't Buy That Dark Knight DVD Just Yet…

Don’t Buy That Dark Knight DVD Just Yet… was originally published on City Desk on Dec. 09, 2008, at 6:35 pm

Actually, you should totally buy it. I thinking owning movies is stupid (maybe it’s because there’s forever a laundry list of stuff I still want to see, but probably because I’m cheap), but even I’d get this one if the nice Warner Bros. peeps hadn’t already sent over a for-your-consideration copy. I could watch the Joker scenes all day.

But I digress: You’ll have another chance to see The Dark Knight in all its full-screened, Best Picture-worthy glory (yeah I said it) when it’s rereleased in theaters both short and IMAX on Jan. 23.

The significance of the date? Oscar noms will be announced Jan. 22, so apparently Warner Bros. is feeling pretty confident. (Normally nominations are announced on a Tuesday, but apparently there’s some other big thing going on Jan. 20.)

In related Bat news, Blockbuster announced results of a survey asking fans which stars they’d like to see in the franchise’s third installment. The top two? Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie — which proves that Joe the Moviegoer should never be asked for his input, ever.

Depp could possibly shed his recent Pirates of the Caribbean megastardom and bring some of his old-school sinister brilliance to the film. But Jolie, talented though she may be, is just too People Magazine to not be a distraction and undermine the approach director Christopher Nolan has had such great success with in Batman Begins and Dark Knight: Using hugely gifted but slightly under-the-radar actors to bring real heft to his more serious reframing of the comic.

I loved Tim Burton’s Batman and certainly don’t believe all comic-book adaptations should send fans running for a copy of the DSM-IV. But this series has been terrific thus far, so why change things?

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