Does Lou Reed Listed Seventh on Lollapalooza Lineup Make Anyone Else Want to Cry?

Alright, I can see Depeche Mode, Tool, Jane's Addiction and the Beastie Boys being listed above the legend. Not that they're better or more influential, but they are bigger and definitely important. But the Killers and Kings of Leon? That makes me so sad.

Sure, those bands will draw more fans, but should Lollapalooza -- Perry Farrell's baby -- really be encouraging that?

Clearly, I'm biased toward Reed. I spent part of my previous post bashing Cake for taking a great Velvet Underground riff, making it sound like crap and taking it to the masses. But I think many a fellow music geek would agree. Most, even. Including Farrell.

His Jane's Addiction is even listed behind the Killers, and he's a well-known Velvet fan.

Granted, Reed is old, 67 now, and his best music is far behind him, but he's still relevant in the musicians he continues to influence and occasionally in the artists he champions -- Antony -- and the music he makes -- "The Raven."

Can't say I'm surprised, really. Just complaining that more people don't have the same listening priorities I do.

Awww, Kings of Leon is alright, they've got some good songs. I don't ever want to hear "Sex is on Fire" ever again. But I know I will. Probably before the end of the week.

But the Killers?

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