Dish Of Salt: 25 Ladies Vying For ‘The Bachelor' Jason's Heart Revealed

ABC has finally revealed the 25 women vying for single dad Jason Mesnick’s love on the new season of “The Bachelor.” Among them are four single mothers!

Stacia, 24, a charity accountant from Orem, Utah, who has a three-year-old daughter and five-year-old son. Stephanie, 34, a medical marketing representative from Huntsville, Alabama who has a four-year-old daughter. Treasure, 28, a nurse practitioner from Salt Lake City, Utah who has a six-year-old daughter. Megan, 25, a lacrosse coach from Sewickley, PA who has a one-year-old son.

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In a conference call with reporters this morning Jason told me this fact had no bearing on his decision as to whom he felt connected.

“Honestly, it doesn’t make a difference either way. I mean, I think that I would hope people would view me as a person not as a single dad. So, to me, you know going into it I had no expectations really as to who was going to be there. But it didn’t surprise me that there were single mothers. It didn’t make me think any one way or the other whether they were a mom or not.”

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His initial reaction to meeting the 25 women?

“It was just like, ‘Wow, everyone is here to meet me. Who does this happen to?!’”

Jason revealed his own three-year-old son, Tyler, would not be heavily featured in the episodes.

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“He plays a very small part of the show. Early on if you see him it’s just him and I.”

Later on, when he gets down to his final choices, he does eventually introduce Tyler to them, " I just knew that there is no way that I could truly fall in love with somebody unless they saw my son.”

Although he admits he already was confident they would get along.

“I would never, ever introduce somebody to my son that I in my heart knew that wouldn’t be great to him already.”

Jason also revealed that he consulted with a therapist and pediatrician about whether or he not he should subject his son to another round of the show after he was rejected by Deanna Pappas.

“They said, ‘Listen, he is going to be fine. I think you are probably more impacted by the fact that you are not going to see him as much as you typically do.’ I just said, ‘I’m not going to go more than a week or so without seeing him; I just can’t do that.’ The show was great, they said, ‘You know whatever you need, he is the most important thing in your life and we will work with you on it,’ and they did. He was around when he needed to be and he went home and saw his mom when he needed too.”

Last week it was revealed that Jason popped the question to one lucky lady. All he would say about her is, “she’s amazing.”

For a look at photos of the 25 bachelorettes go to .

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