Diddy On Sarah Palin: ‘She's Worse Than The Boogie Man!'

In his latest video blog, Sean “Diddy” Combs is so scared, he’s hiding under the covers with a flashlight.

But it’s neither the monsters under the bed (nor the contestants vying to be his next assistant) that have the hip-hop mogul worried - it’s Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

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“She really scares me,” he says in the video now making its way around the Internet, before playing a clip of the Alaskan governor’s interview with CBS News’ Katie Couric in which she fails to name a news source she reads regularly.

“What newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before being tapped for this?” Katie asks.

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“I’ve read most of them,” Sarah replies in the now infamous interview. “Any of them that have been in front of me all these years.”

The video then returns to Diddy, now in a mock “Blair Witch Project” close-up. Showing off his acting chops, he breaths heavily while he addresses his Web audience.

“Boys and girls, did you hear her? She’s worse than the Boogie Man! Sarah Palin, you scare me! You could become the president of the United States. John McCain is 72! Boys and girls, vote, please,” he urges.

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“I’m not coming out the covers, it’s safe under the covers,” he added, channeling Eddie Murphy’s rapid-fire mannerisms before apparently noticing something in the room.

“Is that her? Sarah?!,” he yells as the video shakes to a close.

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