Senate Majority Or Not, Dems Turn to Hard-charging Schumer

WASHINGTON (AP) — In Sen. Chuck Schumer, Democrats will have a hard-charging partisan leading them in the Senate as the country enters what may be a new era of divided government.

Leading Senate Democrats is a challenge the canny, 65-year-old New Yorker has been eyeing for years.

Tuesday’s election will determine whether Schumer leads a Democratic majority in the Senate, or a minority if Republicans manage to defend their 54-to-46 seat advantage. If the GOP does keep Senate control, it will be despite Schumer’s best efforts, constant maneuvering and more than $8 million in campaign money he raised or donated to Democrats.

And whether it’s Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump who is elected president, Schumer will have a fellow New Yorker in the White House.

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