Region's Charitable Souls Are Quite Spirited

WASHINGTON — Who’s more generous? Marylanders or Virginians?

Maryland and Virginia both rank high when it comes to charitable giving, according to new state rankings from WalletHub.

But Maryland ranks much higher.

WalletHub ranked states based on 13 separate metrics, including the volunteer rate and the percentage of income donated to charities. Maryland is No. 4 on the overall list, but Maryland ranks No. 1 for the highest percentage of taxpayers who donate money to charity, at 38.2 percent. That’s three times as high as in West Virginia, which had the lowest percentage, at 12.3 percent.

Virginia ranks No. 18 on the overall list, but it comes in No. 4 for the number of volunteering hours per capita, at just under 40 hours per year.

The residents of Utah, however, put the rest of the nation to shame.

Not only does it rank No. 1 on the overall list of charitable giving, but it also has the highest volunteer rate (39.3 percent), the highest percentage of donated income (6.61 percent), the highest percentage of the population who claim to have donated time (56 percent) and the most volunteering hours per capita (75.6 hours).

The top five most charitable states, according to WalletHub’s rankings:

  • Utah;
  • Minnesota;
  • North Dakota;
  • Maryland;
  • Oklahoma.

You can see where all 50 states rank on WalletHub’s site.

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