NPS: 3 National Monuments in D.C. Vandalized

WASHINGTON — Three of the national monuments in D.C. were vandalized over Presidents Day weekend, according to National Park Service officials.

“Somebody appears to have — wish sharpie or magic marker — tagged similar messages at the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial,” said Mike Litterst, spokesman with the National Park Service, to NBC Washington.

The messages were likely written by just one person, based on the similarity of what was written and the handwriting style, Litterst said.

He did not reveal the content of the messages.

NBC Washington reported that the graffiti was “not overtly political nor hateful” and covered a fairly small space.

Luckily, Litterst said National Park Service staff were skilled at removing graffiti from the monuments, though different building materials require different approaches.

“Sometimes it takes multiple cleanings and cleansing to get it to come out. What we want to do in the course of getting it off — we don’t want to do any further damage to the stone,” he said.

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