Bikes, Pets Banned From Arlington National Cemetery

WASHINGTON — Bicycles and pets are now banned from Arlington National Cemetery.

Details of the new policy that went into effect Wednesday can be found in government regulations released Monday.

Cyclists won’t be able to just bike through the cemetery. Cemetery officials have said bicyclists unintentionally disrupt funeral services.

“While we know that riders intend no disrespect, bicyclists traversing the cemetery grounds do impact funeral services and the experience that families expect and deserve as they visit their loved one’s grave,” a statement posted on Arlington National Cemetery’s Facebook page says.

With no bike paths at the cemetery, there are concerns about cyclists mixing with pedestrians and vehicles, potentially creating safety hazards.

“An individual visiting a relative’s gravesite or niche may be issued a temporary pass by the Executive Director to proceed directly to and from the gravesite or niche on a bicycle or similar vehicle or conveyance,” the rules state.

As an alternate route, Arlington National Cemetery suggest going around the cemetery from the South Post Chapel, along McNair and Marshall Roads, out Wright Gate to the bike path along Va. 110. It a tenth of a mile longer than going through the cemetery.

Under the new policy, dogs, cats, or other animals are prohibited from Arlington National.

Service animals and military working dogs are exceptions.


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