Curbside, Sâuçá are Top Food Trucks

Delish's rundown of the country's best mobile restaurants, aka food trucks, includes some local wheels: Curbside Cupcakes and global-cuisine-inspired Sâuçá.

Turns out the Curbside Cupcakes truck can sell upwards of 1,000 cupcakes on a busy day. (If you're not down for tracking down this mobile cupcakery, there are plenty other interesting cupcakes around town.)

We also learn that the idea for Sâuçá started as a stationary concept: "I wanted a restaurant based on street food from around the world," said Sâuçá owner Farhad Assari. "Then it dawned on me: Street food should be on the street!" And thank goodness for that, Assari.

For more food truck action this summer, be sure to check out Chinatown Coffee Co.'s 'Food Truck Thursdays,' a happy hour series at the Penn Quarter coffeeshop and bar. This week, grilled cheese truck Big Cheese is setting up shop.

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