Crepe Expectations

You snooze, you don't lose at Choupi Crepes.

Choupi Crepe 007
Rosemary Pantaleo

Here's how our mornings normally go: Wake up 15 minutes later than we mean to, throw hair in ponytail, grab coffee from apartment lobby with crappy creamer and too much sugar, no breakfast, forget carefully pre-packed lunch... oops. You think we'd learn to set our alarms a full hour earlier, but no.

So even though we might look less than put together and might have to scrounge for lunch money in our desk drawers, the good news is that we still have the opportunity to grab a delicious breakfast or lunch on the go. Choupi Crepes has just reopened their street cart at the corner of N. 19th and N. Lynn streets in Rosslyn and, so far, the buzz is great.

Choupi offers a welcome alternative to the usual Rosslyn lunch scene snoozefest (read: Chipotle. Not that we don't love Chipotle. No hate mail.), as well as a quick tasty breakfast for those who choose to snooze in the morning. Choupi's freshly made crepes include savory options like tomato/mozzarella, spinach/feta, and ham and cheese, as well as a huge number of sweet crepes. We are huge fans of the Nutella crepe -- with extra Nutella, obvy. And maybe a side of nutella. (Excuse us, we have to wipe the Nutella off our mouths.)

A regular tells us that Choupi's staff is always friendly and service is quick. Her fave afternoon snack was the banana and Nutella crepe; her pick for savory fare was the tomato/mozzarella option. Of course, for journalistic integrity reasons, we had to verify our source’s information. Annnnd, we like them both too.

Make Choupi Crepes a stop on your way over the Key Bridge in the morning. Hey, it's not like we aren’t all just sitting in our cars feeling hunger pangs anyway -- might as well have a tasty crepe to ease the pain of the commute.

(And yes, @CHOUPICREPES is on Twitter.)

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