Clean Courtney Love's Toilets

Courtney Love has a dirty job for you.

The crazed rocker has posted an ad on MySpace trying to find a new maid, saying she needs to find a "non thieving non freaky housekeeper" in the Malibu area, according to the celebrity website

She says she's "sick of PIGS who steal." She just has two requirements: No "superfans" and you've got to be willing to work early in the morning. If you're interested in the "good money" gig, here's her rambling MySpace post:

is anyone insanely clean neatfreak near malibu? i need a non thieving non freaky housekeeper
also i need we need a documentarist, someone to document our studio as we go in wedsday, and i have ALOT of work to do til then and i wont just hand this to hbo or bbc 2 or bravo and god forbid not vh1! A DOCUMENATRY NOT A REALITY SHOW. get in touch with jason whp will further put you in touch with jason wienberg at untitled.
and am looking for a young PA type someone whor eally wants to get nto the film business cos as we startramping up pay some dues with me for a few months and you can be on this HTH movie - i think i know who i want to play kurt- he may not be as BEAUTIFUL as the other two but hes got something special and looks alot like him and has a great voice.
i know this is wierd- the agencies suck and im sick of PIGS who steal itts simple as that., so (expletive) it why not try my space , beats monster . no superfans please. and its very good money. btw the housekeeping part just early hours .
wierdo mgcee
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