Chuck Wicks Says ‘Dancing' With Julianne Hough Is Good Wedding Day Prep

Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough aren't engaged, but the country singer admits that performing with his girlfriend on "Dancing With The Stars" could be good preparation for a wedding day dance.

Wicks and Hough have been dating for nine months and are paired together on the show. On Tuesday's episode, after the pair finished their dance, he got down on one knee, sparking a bit of engagement buzz — show host Samantha Harris even asked Wicks if he had anything to announce to the audience (he said no).

While the two might not be planning a wedding, when asked in a recent interview if he considered "Dancing With the Stars" good training for a nuptial dance, he said: "I don't need to go on a show to train with her, but I don't fight that question at all."

Wicks said before the ABC competition, the only wedding dance staple he knew was the electric slide.

"When you go to weddings, and you hear 'It's Electric,' I'm that guy. I go out there. I start it off," he said.

But not anymore.

Wicks has now performed a waltz, a salsa, a foxtrot, a lindy hop and a Viennese waltz on the show with Hough.

The singer calls himself "a total goof ball," but said both he and Hough are taking this competition very seriously. Hough has already won "Dancing With The Stars" twice with other celebrity partners.

"This time it's a little more personal," Wicks said. "We've got a lot riding on this. I want to prove to her that I can do this, and I think, vice versa."

And Wicks admits that the exposure he's getting on the show is a huge opportunity to win over new fans.

"Let's face it, a lot of people have no idea who I am," said Wicks. "So this is a great way to say, 'Hey, this is what I do. I hope you like my music, and I hope you like the way I can try to dance.'"

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