Champagne Festival for Champs

We applaud anyone who's brave enough to attend

With the surprisingly good weather we've been enjoying coupled with the triumphant arrival of SOTG last night and the recent return of Molly the missing Vizla, we all have reason to celebrate with a little bubby.

Join us at The Second Annual Summer Champagne and Other Bubbles Festival tomorrow, June 22, at the French Embassy (4101 Reservoir Rd. N.W.) from 7-9 p.m. for a night of champagne tasting and education. As you mix and mingle with the posh crowd, don't forget to sample glasses of various champagnes, cavas, rosés, and brut, sweet and red sparkling wines. After all, the booze is what you came for, right?

Tickets are a bit pricey at $74, but everyone can sample more than 15 different types of champagne and sparkling wines. OK – so it seems you get your money's worth. But honestly, we don’t think we can handle 15 glasses of bubbly in two hours, let alone the sheer brutality of the headache and hangover that is sure to follow. The mere thought brings back painful memories of spooning the porcelain god the morning after our big sis's wedding.

However, if you think you are up for this challenge, you might be relieved to hear that there will also be food stations with pasta, mignardises (mini French pastries) and a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit to help soak up a bit of that alcohol. So, to all you champagne champs out there ready to battle the bubbly, our one suggestion is to hit up the pasta station; you'll need those carbs. Trust us.

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