Anberlin to Fans: What to Expect at 9:30 Club Show

Anberlin hits the 9:30 Club

Sunday night, Anberlin comes to D.C. and rocks the 9:30 Club. caught up with lead singer Stephen Christian to give you a taste of what you can expect from the show and from their new album.

Anberlin just released their newest album titled New Surrender and the album has been climbing the charts and impressing critics. Stephen Christian, attributed the success of their new album to the fact that this is the first album they have done with a major label. The guys worked with Neal Avron and Universal and believe it was the right match up. Christian commented on how the label really pushed their music to a new level. The size of the label really added some positive pressure for the guys encouraging them to write the best album they could and push them to their highest level.

The new disc also features a new musician. The guys have added Christian McAlhaney, previously with Acceptance, on guitar. Christian discussed how this addition has improved the band when he commented on how Joey (the other guitarist) now has someone to bounce ideas off of. Also, McAlhaney is a great songwriter and has been able to work with Christian to produce some fresh new songs he said. "McAlhaney has a great demeanor and brings a new attitude and enthusiasm to the band," Christian said. This enthusiasm has transferred over from McAlhaney’s previous band. Christian said that the transition has been pretty easy and McAlhaney’s great attitude is due to the fact that he is really thankful to have had two chances and to be with a new band.

When asked about their upcoming tour, Christian said that fans can expect a lot of energy. They believe that all the changes since their last album have really turned them into a wide and diverse band. Fans can look forward to straight up rock, down tempo, and even some metal core he said. The new music paired with the light show should lead to their best tour ever. Christian finished by commenting on how excited they are to get out in front of the fans, because that is truly their favorite part of their job.

So come out and see the guys as they take on the 9:30 Club, promote their newest album, and get out there with the fans.

Nov. 2
9:30 Club
815 V St., NW
Washington, DC

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