Cast Off Your Kickball Team; Karaoke League Opens

District's first competitive karaoke league

Skeeball leagues? Bocce leagues? So 2009. (Not that we don't still love it. Hush.)

Now an actual "team-based competitive karaoke league" is getting off the ground, reports Thrillist, for all your competing-in-a-bar-as-an-excuse-to-drink-more-beer needs.

You can compete in a 10-week season at Policy (1904 14th St. NW), where teams will face off in three rounds. The brave and/or tipsy will deliver two solo performances and one as a group, to be rated on ability, stage presence and overall appeal.

You can either begin your own team, join a pre-existing one, or register as a free agent (start the bidding wars... now). Registration is $40, which includes a team T-shirt, beer and food specials, prizes and more.

The league kicks off Wednesday, Feb. 8, but there's a pre-season kick-off party the week before, so you can get in your beer-drinking.... uh, singing practice then. See details here.

(And if you can't carry a tune as well as you carry a tray of fried snacks over to your friends, don't fret. Signup is also ongoing for those beloved ancient traditions of skeeball, indoor bocce, shuffleboard, dodgeball and more.)

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